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Ready to win up to US$3000 worth of We-Vibe and staycations?

Welcome to the We-Vibe Challenge Asia – an exhilarating journey to discover deeper connections, unapologetic self-love, and celebrate relationships because #ThisishowWeVibe!

Whether you're a couple wanting to rekindle the flames or on a solo adventure of self-discovery, this challenge is your passport to rediscovering the pleasures of intimacy. Join us from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines to shatter stereotypes and celebrate love like never before. Are you in?

  • Truth: Easy Mode

    Just tell us 'What's your biggest turn-on?'and tag a friend to join the challenge!

    Ready to confess? 
  • Dare #1: Shoot & Post

    Post a discreet photo of your We-Vibe toy hidden in plain sight. The more creative the better!

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  • Dare #2: We Vibe it Out

    Find a friend and dance it out together! (e.g. Think Harlem Shake)

    Ready to shake?